These Engineering Sectors Are About to Boom

Keeping abreast of the latest innovations within the engineering sectors and world is vital for anyone working in the field – from management to technical. In fact, certain sectors in the industry are slated to boom over the next decade. Understanding where these shifts are expected to occur is essential for devising staffing plans or even when contemplating a career change.

Let’s train our crystal ball towards the near future of the engineering sectors. Knowledge of the sectors expected to grow over the next few years helps you and your organization devise the right strategies to roll with the changes.

The BLS Predicts a Growth in Engineering Jobs

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 67,000 new engineering jobs across all industry sectors over the next seven years. While this is slightly lower than the average for all occupations, that decrease is due to technology innovations making some engineering roles obsolete. The current average salary for engineers across all sectors is $77,900 per year.

Aerospace Engineering Continues to Expand

The aerospace engineering sector is expected to show stronger-than-average growth for the next few years. The employment of aerospace engineering technicians provides one example with a four percent growth rate through 2024. The average yearly salary for this engineering role is $68,020.

Unfortunately, the need for aerospace engineers is predicted to fall by two percent over the same time period. Innovations in airplane design focused on better fuel efficiency and less noise pollution still provide opportunities for experienced engineers in this field. Expect an average annual salary of $109,650.

Agricultural Engineering Shows Promise

The desired reduction in the environmental damage caused by farming, combined with an effort aimed at improving the efficiency of agricultural practices, is leading to a greater demand for agricultural engineers. The number of engineers in this role is predicted to increase by four percent by 2025. Agricultural engineers enjoy an annual salary of $73,640.

Biomedical Engineering Is Booming

One of the fastest-growing sectors within the engineering field, the demand for biomedical engineers is expected to grow by a massive 23 percent by the end of 2024. New technologies combined with an aging populace are driving this growth. Engineers in this field earn $85,620 per year.

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