Addressing Your Weaknesses in an Engineering Job Interview

You’ve scheduled an upcoming interview with a top engineering company in your region. Congratulations are definitely in order, and the real work now begins. Sure, your significant technical abilities and tangible professional experience likely gave you this opportunity, but an exemplary interview performance will play the biggest role in earning the engineering job offer you desire.

One question that strikes fear in the hearts of any interviewee is the traditional “what is your biggest weakness?” Here are a few strategies on the best way to answer this query to ensure you impress the interviewer and ultimately get the engineering job of your dreams.

Describe How a Weakness Has Made You Grow as a Professional

Any engineer aspiring to be the best they can be needs to consider their personal weaknesses as opportunities for growth. When asked about a weakness during an interview, highlight how you remain committed to turning any flaw into a strength. Remember that companies generally want to employ technical talent with a desire to constantly learn new skills and better themselves.

That fact provides you with an easy way to answer the question. Be sure to mention how you’ve never let any weakness hamper your productivity or performance for previous employers. Chances are good this kind of answer will impress the interviewer.

Spin a Weakness into a Positive

In addition to highlighting your efforts to leverage weaknesses as opportunities for professional improvement, another approach would be to simply spin a weakness into a positive when answering. For example, if you are so focused on the details of an assignment you occasionally lose sight of the big picture, mention that you are able to take direction well from the managers responsible for the company’s overall leadership.

Any answer illustrating your affinity for teamwork while displaying positivity towards the managerial team is a smart strategy.

Answer with a Weakness of Low Importance

Arguably the simplest strategy for answering this difficult interview question is to simply mention a weakness of little relevance to their open position. Something like poor public speaking ability or average written communication skills may not be important enough to the company to hamper your chances at a job offer. Even so, mention that you are striving to improve yourself in these areas.

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