Here’s How to Mentor Millennials in the Financial Industry

Whenever your company brings on new talent, the chances are very good that some of those new hires will be from the millennial generation. Like any other new employee, it is important to get them onboarded and productive as quickly as possible, but millennials require a slightly different tack. Keeping them engaged and focused on the success of both your organization as well as their own career is a must.

Here are a few insights and ideas on how to successfully mentor these new team members to ensure your company doesn’t miss a beat.

Give Them the Responsibility They Crave

Millennials tend to be blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to lead. Because of these traits, make sure these new employees are given project tasks that allow them a measure of responsibility. If they make a mistake or two in the process, this only serves as a valuable learning experience.

Show Trust in their Intellect and Abilities

Letting millennial workers show their nascent leadership skills is also a great way to display your trust in their talent. Make it a point to get to know each new hire on a personal basis, so you better understand what makes them tick; giving you an idea on the work assignments most suitable for their capabilities and personality. This also allows you to pair them with other compatible coworkers to improve collaboration and team interaction.

Help Them Foster a Positive Work-Life Balance

All your employees would appreciate flexible scheduling and other perks to help them achieve a meaningful balance between their professional and personal lives. The work/life balance is also very important to millennials. Consider telecommuting as another means to improve employee loyalty amongst your younger staff – provided all deadlines are met!

Cross-Functional Learning Helps Develop Skills

Encourage your younger staff to learn multiple functions within your financial organization. This helps them to better develop their skill set and improves the collaboration across the entire office. Understanding each role at your company positions the most talented millennials to move into management and beyond as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, following these four tips helps make your millennial hires productive employees contributing to the success of the entire organization.

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