Introverted? Don’t Let It Hurt Your IT Job Search!

An introverted nature needn’t adversely impact your technology job search. In fact, the IT field is filled with many other professionals possessing a similar personality. The important thing is to not let the prospect of a technical interview or even meeting with companies at a job fair keep you from finding the IT position of your dreams.

Here are a few insights and ideas aimed at helping you get over any introverted tendencies that may be hampering your job hunt. Soon, a great technology job will be yours.

Research and Practice Builds Confidence

Before an interview with a tech company, be sure to spend significant time researching the organization. This lets you ask a meaningful question or two when prompted by the interviewer. You won’t struggle fumbling over words while trying to say what’s truly on your mind.

The same concept applies to interview practice. Work with a friend – or a recruiter – to fine tune your interviewing techniques. Focus on speaking clearly and making positive body language. The ultimate goal is to boost your confidence level before the big day.

Turn Your Interview into a Business Meeting

Simply reframing the concept of an interview into a business meeting helps to lessen the number of butterflies in your stomach. If it sounds too difficult to conceive, try to use meditation techniques to accomplish this goal. Ultimately, it offers a great way to feel less nervous when under the gun.

In your mind, focus on describing how you’d add value to their company, instead of merely worrying about answering questions. Prepare some notes illustrating how your skills and experience match up with the requirements of their open position. Be ready to recount a few success stories from earlier in your career.

Challenge Yourself and Reap the Rewards

During the job search process, make it a point to step outside your comfort level every day. This could be attending a networking event or contacting a company online that interests you. Consider making a cold call to a recruiter specializing in the IT industry.

Ultimately, by challenging yourself in this manner you – and your career – are what will benefit over the long haul. Remember that nearly half of all technology professionals feel they are introverted. In short, you aren’t alone!

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