When It Comes to AI, You Want to Get Onboard Now

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues its emergence across a wide range of technology disciplines. Everything from healthcare to driverless automobiles to data science relies on AI and its related offshoots, like machine learning. Forward-looking IT organizations need to ensure their employees get the right training, lest an artificial intelligence skills gap hampers the business’s prospects for future growth.

Does your company need to invest in hiring technology professionals with practical experience in AI? What about spending on training for your existing staff? Here are a few insights and ideas to help guide your decision.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence Is Vital for IT Success

Companies who don’t invest in AI are simply going to be left behind. That is the opinion of Mark Minevich, a senior advisor to the U.S. Council of Competitiveness. Highlighting the technology’s growth, he cited the example of Tesla collecting over 750 million “miles” of data to use in developing AI routines used to operate automated vehicles.

The investment levels spent on artificial intelligence continue to grow as companies hope to be the first to market with a new piece of “must have” tech. The $2.5 billion spent on AI last year is expected to double by the end of 2017. “AI will deliver a massive trillion-dollar economy and the U.S. will benefit tremendously because we’re a leader in research and development,” said Minevich.

Will an AI Skills Gap Hamper This Nascent Tech Market?

The one issue with the potential to stifle the growth of AI in the tech world is the lack of IT professionals experienced in this area. The dominant players in the industry – Apple, Google, and Facebook – currently employ a large share of U.S.-based AI talent. While smaller companies also are doing innovative work, it is difficult to find experienced candidates.

Minevich recommends companies recruit talent from universities known for programs focused on deep learning and predictive analytics. HR departments also need to come up to speed with the technical jargon so they are able to properly vet experienced candidates as well as those new to the field. Additionally, keep an eye out for any training programs specializing in AI technologies for current employees.

Companies embracing artificial intelligence today will be better poised to take advantage of the technology as it continues to mature over the next decade.

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