What Tech Tools Are IT Leaders Investing In?

Not surprisingly, technology leaders and entrepreneurs remain one of the biggest markets for the hottest gadgets and other high-tech innovations and tech tools designed to make life easier. This affinity isn’t limited to hardware, as state-of-the-art software and mobile apps are also popular among the industry’s movers and shakers. An eye for the best in future tech helps give them the vision needed for success both now and beyond.

Here are a few examples of these technology innovations and tech tools being championed by the leading lights of the IT world. They can offer an insight to keep your own career trending upwards.

Richard Branson Believes in Graphene

Known as the world’s thinnest material, graphene is something Virgin founder, Richard Branson thinks can revolutionize a variety of industries, especially in transportation. “It’s the world’s first two-dimensional material, just one atom thick, and has proven potential to be the next revolutionary step in building lighter, safer and more efficient planes. We’re already in conversation with the National Graphene Institute to find out more about the possibilities of graphene being the catalyst of for an aerospace revolution. It has the potential to make safer planes whilst reducing their environmental impact at the same time.”

Machine Learning and AI Making Inroads

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is a burgeoning technology space, as companies in multiple business sectors leverage these innovations to help make better sense of massive amounts of data. One notable application for machine learning is in healthcare, where computers are trained to analyze medical imagery to better detect cancer or other diseases. Another uses involves the prevention of prescription errors, which could save upwards of $20 billion in the U.S.

Useful Apps for Entrepreneurs

Paul Lindley, founder of Ella’s Kitchen, a provider of organic baby food products, recommends CamScanner, a mobile app that turns captured images into PDF documents. “It’s really helpful to be able to record things so that I can read them again at a later stage,” said Lindley.

Annette King, CEO for the Ogilvy & Mather UK Group, feels the Babylonhealth app is a great self-diagnosis tool for executives on the go. The app is able to provide a quicker, and sometimes more accurate, health diagnosis compared to waiting to see a doctor or nurse in person.

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