Accidents Happen at Work. What Do You Do Afterwards?

Despite the best efforts at safety and protection, accidents occasionally do happen in the engineering workplace. The reaction of you and your team after an incident plays a big role in the successful recovery from a potential emergency. Naturally, ensuring the continued safety of your co-workers and potentially the public-at-large remains vital.

With an eye towards maintaining safety at your engineering office and/or work site, here are a few tips and insights on how to successfully deal with the aftermath of a workplace accident.

Apply First-Aid If Necessary

Immediately following an accident at work, determine whether or not medical assistance is necessary. It is better to err on the side of caution in this case, as some injuries may not be readily apparent right after the accident happens. Perform triage to see if treatment using the office first-aid kit suffices, or if a trip to the hospital is warranted. To repeat: always err on the side of caution!

If any kind of injury results due to an accident, a visit to a doctor is a requirement – as soon as possible after the event, if a trip to the emergency room isn’t warranted. If you suffered the injury, you may be required to use a doctor of your employer’s choosing. Some workers’ compensation policies allow an employee’s personal doctor to offer a second opinion if necessary – check with your HR staff for details.

A Detailed Accident Report Is Important

Whether or not an injury occurred because of a workplace incident, a detailed accident report is a must. Internal documentation is likely an essential part of any process improvement program at your engineering office. Additionally, this report helps to ensure you (or your employee) are able to receive any workers’ compensation due as a result of the accident.

Report Any Injuries to the Company’s Insurance Provider

Any injury accident needs to be reported to the organization’s insurance company as soon as possible after the incident. This is a vital part of the workers compensation process, and one of the reasons the accident report needs to be written. If the injury isn’t discovered until some time after the accident, the insurance firm also needs to be informed.

Follow up to ensure the workers compensation claim is properly filed.

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