Is Your Employer Brand Something Your Company Can Control?

Of course, any public-facing company has an employer brand that helps it sell products and otherwise interact in the marketplace. Organizations also have an “employer brand,” which becomes relevant when it’s time to attract the best engineering candidates to come work at their firm. Corporate culture plays a key role in being the “place to be” for talented professionals in your field.

Let’s take a closer look at whether it is even possible to control the employer brand of your company. These insights can help your organization attract the most talented pros to your office.

Building and Influencing Your Employer Brand

Ultimately, organizations are able to build their employer brand and influence it somewhat, but actually controlling everything about it remains nebulous in the era of social media. Erin Wilson, the founder of Hirepool, commented on this fact.

“A company can build their employer brand. A company can influence their employer brand. A company cannot control their employer brand. Sites like Glassdoor and mobile apps like Blind, make it impossible. These days, employees hear about your brand from someone (or somewhere) else. Focus on the true story and execution. That’s what you can control,” said Wilson.

Brand Authenticity Is Important

The advent of social media has ushered in an era of transparency when it comes to employers – no matter their industry. It is important your company stay authentic by not restricting real life stories about what it’s like to be an employee at your firm. Use satisfied employees to help build – and sell – your company culture on social media and other sources.

Actions Matter More Than Words

When it comes to your organization’s employer brand, actions count for more compared to words. All the marketing verbiage in the world about how your company is a great place to work matters less than a positive story from a current or former employee on Glassdoor or LinkedIn. Always treating your employees well is a good strategy for a healthy employer brand.

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