How to Tell When Your Finance Interview Is Off the Rails

Interviewing arguably plays the most important role in earning the financial industry job of your dreams. Sure, your resume helps get you in the door – especially in a competitive job marketplace – but a great interview performance is required to seal the deal. Preparation and practice are key factors in ensuring you nail a finance interview.

On the other hand, being able to tell when your finance interview is going poorly can help you either turn things around on the spot or focus on certain areas when practicing for your next big chance. Here are a few ways to tell if your interview is running off the rails.

The Interviewer Reacts in an Unexpected Fashion

Consider the following scenario: you are asked to detail some of your tangible achievements for previous employers in the financial industry. After sharing a few of those positive professional experiences the interviewer seems uninterested or even worse, unimpressed. Maybe they are distracted or inattentive, but this is ultimately a bad sign for earning that job offer.

Don’t automatically assume that you are at fault, especially if this answer worked well in a previous interview. They may have already decided on a candidate and are going through the rest of the interviews as a courtesy.

A Bored and Distracted Interviewer

When the interviewer seems bored, maybe by fidgeting in their desk chair or even looking at their computer screen or smartphone, consider your manner of speaking. Are you responding to their questions too quietly or in a monotone fashion? If so, this is something you need to focus on when practicing for your next interview.

Additionally, consider sharing a humorous story or work-related anecdote to help lighten the mood and maybe give yourself some more confidence.

You Aren’t Given the Opportunity to Ask Your Own Questions

Being able to ask a question of the interviewer is typically a great opportunity to show off your research of their company with an insightful query. If they never prompt you to ask your own question or don’t mention the next steps in their hiring process, this bodes poorly for your chances. Keep things polite and professional, while trying to gain the most out of your performance so you are better prepared the next time.

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