Need New Financial Employees? Use These Five Proven Tactics.

Whenever your fcompany needs a fresh infusion of talented financial employees, a well-executed hiring process is a must. Considering the costs incurred when parsing through candidates, attracting the best possible talent only makes that final decision easier. This is important, as the wrong hire only wastes valuable resources, including time, dollars and a resultant loss in productivity.

With onboarding great new financial employees in mind, here are a few insights and ideas on ensuring your company’s efforts end up successful. Use these tips to make your perfect hire!

Publicize Your Company Culture

In a competitive environment for financial employees, it is important to stand out from other companies in this sector. Make it a point to highlight your organization’s office culture on your website, social media pages, and on any job boards where you post open positions. Publicizing your company culture in this manner helps attract the highest-caliber candidate.

Use Video to Tell Your Story

Also related to publicity, consider making a video or two to give candidates a feel of your office environment and the nature of working there on a daily basis. This is an effective way to make them feel more comfortable about applying with your firm. Post these videos on the company website, social media accounts, or even a career site related to the financial industry.

Foster Communication with Candidates

Make sure your HR staff stays in active communication with candidates using social media and other channels. Potential new employees want their questions answered quickly, whether about your company or possibly the open position. Staying accessible only improves your chances of a great hire.

Focus on the Candidate Experience

Even if you don’t end up hiring a candidate, make sure they leave the process knowing the quality of your organization. This includes keeping them in the loop by responding to emails and text messages, while always staying honest and forthright throughout. Anything less hampers your company’s reputation, which bodes poorly for your next staffing effort.

Authenticity Is Vital

Displaying authenticity when interacting with candidates plays a vital role in the success of your hiring process. Potential team members want to know the positives as well as any negatives with your organization. Honesty always works in the long run.

When you need additional advice on building a great team at your organization, talk to the experts at Venteon. As one of the top financial staffing agencies in Michigan, we also maintain a robust supply of quality candidates. Connect with us soon!



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