How to Become More Productive (Hint: Work Less!)

Staying productive plays a big role in the continued growth of a rewarding technology career. Companies want to hire employees able to make a tangible difference to their bottom line – slackers need not apply. Many tips and tricks for improving one’s productivity level exist, but what about simply working less?!

Even though that seems counterintuitive, working less can actually boost your overall productivity. With an eye towards raising your efficiency level at the office, here are some ideas on working smarter.

Working Too Hard Leads to Burnout and Lower Productivity

Many studies reveal that overworking yourself causes a myriad of problems, including tiredness, job burnout, lower motivation, and ultimately a lower productivity level. Achieving more by doing less needs to be your focus.

First off, work with your managers to create a set of tangible short-term and long-term goals. Performing the same routine by yourself is also a good idea, as you are able to include tasks that fall outside of the office, like taking an IT training course or going back to school for an advanced degree.

Prioritize Your Goals

Once you develop a collection of goals, spending some time prioritizing them helps you focus your efforts on the most important tasks on your list. Concentrate on finishing the critical duties first – thinking like a project manager allows your overall effort to be as efficient as possible. Watch out for distractions and try to avoid getting caught up on any of the less important tasks on your list.

Learn How to Say “No”

One good way to avoid distractions at work is learning how to say no when asked to help with something not related to your goals. Try not to come off as rude, but clearly state you need to focus on your own task list. Explain about your other commitments and the lack of time.

Manage Your Task List

Periodically go over your list of goals and check off any accomplishments while also removing those lower priority tasks which are no longer relevant. This helps you maintain the proper focus on what’s important. Additionally, remember not to overwork yourself as it leads to those burnout symptoms making it difficult to perform at a high-efficiency level.

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