Keep Your IT Workplace Engaged (Even the Introverts!)

An inspired and engaged technology team is one that works efficiently and stays productive. Finding that magic formula to turn an IT office into a bastion of inspiration needs to be the goal of any technology manager. Even your more introverted workers benefit from working with a manager and co-workers who know how to motivate.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to engage your technology office staff. Hopefully, you are able to apply these concepts to improve the productivity of your organization.

Recognize Your Employees’ Significant Accomplishments

Take an hour out of every week to acknowledge your top performers and any significant accomplishments made by your staff. Pairing this informal “award ceremony” with a company-provided lunch is a great way to promote employee morale.

Make Career Development a Focus in Your Office

When working with your staff to formulate a set of goals for the upcoming year, be sure to focus on their overall career development. A robust training program and tuition reimbursement as a benefit are two other things your organization needs to provide. Employees will look elsewhere if they feel their career isn’t on an upwards trend at your company.

Find Out What Inspires Your Employees

In addition to working with your employees on developing their careers, use these meetings to get a feel on what truly inspires them as a person. Leverage these insights to purchase a related gift as an award when they perform well on the job.

Your Expectations Need to Be Clearly Understood

As a technology manager, a focus on clear and regular communication is essential. Your direct reports need to understand what’s expected of them. Offering meaningful and actionable feedback throughout the year is vital for making sure everyone stays on the right path.

Add a Measure of Fun to Your Technology Office

We already talked about using a weekly award ceremony to improve company morale. Additionally, consider other ways to bolster your office culture, including after-hours social activities, free healthy drinks and snacks, and flexible scheduling. These all help to lighten the mood while enabling everyone to stay focused and engaged on the important project work that is your organization’s lifeblood.

Leveraging any or all of these ideas is sure to boost employee loyalty and the subsequent productivity level at your office.

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