Want to Be More Confident in Your Engineering Career? Follow This Advice.

Self-confidence plays a key role in building a great career in any profession, and engineers are no different. Even a shy and reserved nature needn’t keep you from reaching your true potential in the industry. Developing a more confident personality helps you succeed in a collaborative work environment and may someday lead to a management position or possibly even more.

With becoming a confident engineer in mind, here are a few tips to help you reach that goal.

Be Inquisitive and Empathic

Sometimes shy professionals are too focused on what they perceive to be their own weaknesses. Instead, make an effort to find out more about your co-workers – how they approach their career and their methodologies for learning more about the engineering profession. Combining an inquisitive nature with a measure of empathy actually helps you feel better about yourself.

Don’t Worry About What Others Think

While this seems to slightly contradict the last tip, don’t waste any brain cycles worrying about what others think about you. This only leads to overly self-critical thoughts that won’t help your confidence over the long haul. Ultimately, you don’t really know their opinions of you, unless they express them to you.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts

An endless cycle of negative thoughts is a great way to kill any self-confidence, so get them out of your mind as quickly as possible. Consider practicing meditation to better control your thought patterns. Try to look outside yourself to recognize this form of self doubt.

Carry Yourself With a Confident Air

Simply displaying self-confidence by keeping good posture (never slouch!), making natural eye contact with co-workers and clients, and smiling goes a long way in preventing shyness from hampering these interactions with others. Studies show people who do these things are considered to be more likable.

Sharpen Your Public Speaking Skills

This tip probably causes a bit of fear in a shy engineer, but consider improving your public speaking skills. If there is a Toastmasters chapter in your area, join it, as they offer a great way to sharpen your speaking ability. Soon you’ll be leading client meetings for your company!

If you need any additional advice on developing your engineering career, talk to the insightful team at Venteon. As one of the leading technical staffing agencies in the Michigan area, we also know the companies looking for talented engineers – even if you are a little shy. Connect with us as soon as possible!



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