Want to Hire Top Manufacturing Employees? Use These Tips for the Best Job Offer!

In a competitive job market, the battle between companies for the preeminent engineering and manufacturing employees continues. A talent shortage means organizations need to ensure the best possible job offer to get that candidate onboard. A company culture known for innovation and workplace satisfaction also plays an important role in hiring the top workers.

Here are a few tips and insights aimed at making sure that great candidate ultimately says “Yes!” Good luck, and soon your organization’s talent base will be the envy of your competition.

Understanding the Candidate Is a Must

Throughout the hiring process, make it a point to get to know the top candidates as closely as possible. Understand where they are in their career arc and what they are looking for as far as responsibility, job title, and compensation. The most important thing is to extend the kind of offer that gets accepted, and it is difficult to accomplish this without a full understanding of the candidates.

Try to find out as much of this information as possible during the interview. If the candidate is working with a third-party recruiter, that person will be able to offer additional insights on what kind of offer is necessary to “seal the deal.”

When some of a candidate’s desires aren’t compatible with the open position, this needs to be discussed early in the process. Ultimately, you don’t want any dealbreakers to prevent acceptance of an offer after deciding on a first choice among the candidates.

Document the Candidates’ Preferences Throughout the Interview Process

Create a spreadsheet documenting each candidate’s desires for responsibility, culture, as well as salary and benefits. This gives the team responsible for making a final hiring decision all the data they need to formulate an offer to the chosen candidate, in addition to a contingency offer should your first choice decline. Additionally, use this information during subsequent interviews to help “pre-close” the candidate.

During this pre-closing, try to find out if the candidate has any other offers pending from other firms, or if they feel their current employer may make a counteroffer. Having this information helps ensure your company makes the right choice between candidates – and formulates the right offer!

If you need additional insights on building a great engineering team at your company, talk to the knowledgeable staff at Venteon. As one of the top manufacturing staffing agencies in the Midwest, we also maintain a robust supply of qualified candidates able to succeed with your organization. Contact us today to learn how we can help you find top manufacturing employees!



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