Five Tips to Improve Communication in Your Engineering Workplace

A collaborative environment is vital in any technology workplace, especially a business focused on engineering. Quality communication plays an important role in fostering the kind of teamwork needed for successful project work. It also facilitates interaction between the customers and business stakeholders also play a significant role in the outcome of any engineering work.

With a higher level of collaboration in mind, here are a few ideas for improving the communication at your engineering office. Use these insights to help make your company’s projects more rewarding and successful. Good luck!

Make Evergreen Company Information Easily Accessible

All company documentation – HR policies, company mission and vision statements, engineering standards, previous and current project details, etc. – needs to be easily accessible to all employees on an on-premise or Cloud-based server. Make sure all employees know where to access this information. Regularly send out emails when this information gets updated for any reason.

Stress the Importance of Communication to Your Managers

Your managerial team needs to make an effort to truly know what makes their direct reports tick. Have them host social events outside of the office to foster camaraderie among the team. Make sure they encourage everyone to speak up whenever issues or concerns arise.

Consider implementing Agile and DevOps

The Agile methodology and the DevOps organizational structure are very popular in the technology world, and many of these same concepts also apply to engineering projects. The focus is on teamwork, communication, and collaboration. In short, it is a great way to boost communication at your company.

Openness Is a Must

An open policy when it comes to company news helps build trust and maintain employee morale. Regularly publish a newsletter keeping everyone updated on the latest news about projects and business development. A monthly company-wide meeting – with lunch provided – is another great way to foster open communication.

Consider Using Online Project Communication Tools

An online collaboration tool like Slack is a great idea for facilitating communication on engineering projects. This allows the entire team to keep in touch using their desktop or mobile device. Everyone is able to easily communicate and share project documentation while keeping all the project data securely stored on your servers.

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