Hiring New Finance Employees? Bring Them on Board with These Tips.

The task of hiring a new worker is an expensive one for all companies, no matter the industry. Because of this cold, hard fact, it is vital to successfully onboard your employees and make them valuable contributors as soon as possible. The cost of having to find another fresh recruit so soon after the previous one is just too great to forego a proper onboarding process.

With an ultimately successful hire in mind, here are a few ideas on how to onboard your financial employees.

Send an Introductory Email

A company-wide email introducing the new employee works well to inform the rest of the team about their latest co-worker. Invite your staff to introduce themselves if they see the recruit in the hallway or break room. Consider sending this email out the day before they start.

Take Them Out on Their First Day

Taking your new hire out for lunch or even a quick cup of coffee on their first day offers a great chance to break the ice and make them feel welcome. Invite a few of their soon-to-be closest coworkers for a personal introduction. This is an important part of a good office culture.

Don’t Forget the Office Tour

Giving new employees a tour of your entire office is a must soon after they first arrive. This helps them know where the coffee machine and restrooms are as well as other important office areas. Introduce them to anyone you meet on the tour.

Short-Term Goals Are Important

While you don’t want to overwhelm the new hire on “Day One,” it is vital to give them a few work-related goals to accomplish in their first few weeks. This can include coming up to speed on policies and procedures, as well as any new software applications that are part of their daily routine.

Detail Other Expectations

Make sure the employee understands what schedule they are required to work, the length of their lunch break, and any other expectations you have for them to start. This is a key part of being an open and transparent manager. If necessary, tie this into the discussion about their near-term goals.

If you need additional advice on successfully onboarding new financial recruits, speak with the knowledgeable team at Venteon. As one of the top finance industry staffing agencies in the Midwest, we also offer talented candidates able to contribute to your success. Connect with us as soon as possible!



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