Keep Workplace Culture High Around Tax Season Crunch Time

Once again, it’s the busiest period of the year for many financial organizations – tax season. This crunch time brings with it the additional stress and workplace tension which can hamper office productivity at the worst possible stretch for your company. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are a few ideas on boosting workplace culture to help make sure your staff continues to work efficiently during tax time. These tips and insights can also keep the office productive throughout the year. Good luck!

Company Culture Is Important for Business Productivity

A recent survey of CFOs revealed that 90 percent of them feel organizational culture plays an important role in building a productive company. Another study noted a positive company culture actually inspires your employees to go the extra mile, even more so than their salary and benefits package. Obviously, this greatly helps your company during periods of heavy workloads – like tax season.

A welcoming office environment makes your team feel comfortable and happy to come into the office each day. Expect employee engagement and motivation to stay at a high level when you focus on fostering a positive company culture.

On the Other Hand…

A poor company culture siphons the inspiration of your staff, which is a death knell to productivity throughout the year. Its impact during tax time, however, is especially harmful to your company. Various studies note that disengaged employees have more errors in their work – this is something that must be avoided for any financial company.

It Helps Attract the Best Financial Employees

Your financial organization is only as good as its employees. In addition to keeping them inspired and productive, company culture also contributes to an environment able to attract top candidates who want to work with your firm. Encourage your employees to share the positive aspects of your office on social media to help spread the word.

Steps to Boost Company Culture During Crunch Time

While developing a positive company culture is more of long-term task, you are able to take smaller steps to raise it during the busy tax season. Having meals delivered or even awarding extra comp days for overtime definitely helps to boost employee morale. Keeping your staff engaged, happy, and productive needs to be your goal.

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