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Sometimes, when on a quest for the best tech jobs in the IT industry, it helps to be discovered. Sure, the top companies in the field typically hear from hundreds of candidates when an open position becomes available, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t actively looking for experienced pros as well. To find the cream of the crop, organizations know they need to spend time searching for it!

There’s a talent gap in the technology world, so don’t be surprised if a company comes looking for you. Here are a few ideas on how to get discovered as an IT professional.

Use Social Media Wisely

Social media is a great way to get noticed as an IT pro – especially LinkedIn. Publishing an article or two about some innovative projects you completed is a great way to attract companies on that social network. Twitter is another great resource – be sure to research the right hashtags for your IT specialty.

Of course, make sure there isn’t any unprofessional content on any of your social media accounts. Companies fully research a candidate’s online presence as closely as possible during the hiring process, so don’t lose out on the best tech jobs over thoughtless comments and pictures.

Be Active in Tech Communities – Real Life and Online

Staying active in the variety of communities related to tech jobs – both online and real life – helps you network. This pays off over time. You may hear about an open position before the public at large, or a company may offer you an opportunity to interview for a great role at their organization.

Contributing to the online forums for a technology product helps to position yourself as an expert or even a thought leader in the industry. Both are good for your long-term career prospects.

Be Open to Freelancing or Temp Contracts

Many tech companies like to “try before they buy.” Employing freelancers or professionals on a temporary contract is one of the ways IT firms are battling the talent gap in the industry. Being open to working in this fashion gives you a great chance to show what you can do while building your professional network in the process.

They may end up offering you a permanent gig or at least shortlist you to be notified when other positions become available. In either case, flexibility when it comes to temp work helps keep you employed over the long haul.

When you need additional advice on navigating a career in the IT industry, talk to the experts at Venteon. As one of the top technology staffing agencies in the Midwest, we can help you find tech jobs that suit your needs. Connect with us as soon as possible!



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