Are You Giving Millennial Tech Pros Enough Control in Their Jobs?

The millennial generation brings a different set of attitudes to the office, especially those working in the technology industry. Retention of these employees takes a little more forethought compared to those of an earlier time. The entrepreneurial spirit possessed by many younger IT pros makes them more proactive when it comes to their career growth.

A simple question remains: are you giving your millennial technology employees enough control in their daily work routine? Read on to see if you need to change your management style to keep these valuable team members professionally satisfied.

Millennials Want to Build a Rewarding Career

With younger workers making up an increasing percentage of today’s technology workforce, companies strive to ensure their career needs are being met. This includes giving them more control over their own professional lives. Andy Partridge, who has the job title of “Millennial Engagement Consultant” at Enviable Workplace, commented on the millennial generation’s desire for a career always on an upwards track.

“Millennials are hungry for development and want to better understand how to utilize their strengths, rather than focus on their weaknesses. They want to understand what they do well, and what comes naturally to them, and to work out how to best achieve their goals using their strengths. They want to understand themselves so they can do great work,” said Partridge.

A Flexible Life and an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Eighty-two percent of millennials hope to run their own company someday according to a recent study; this entrepreneurial spirit is stronger in this generation compared to others. A desire for a higher salary and more flexibility in their professional and personal lives are the key factors contributing to this high percentage. Companies need to take heed of this data when it comes to managing the younger members of their staff.

Giving millennials a measure of control in their daily work routine is a smart strategy. The ability to telecommute combined with a flexible schedule option help keep their satisfaction levels high. A mentorship program along with a strong training plan and tuition reimbursement benefit are other perks worthy of consideration.

Ultimately, showing that your organization will help them achieve their professional hopes and dreams is a great way to keep their loyalty for as long as possible.

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