How to Squash Bad Attitudes in a Manufacturing Workplace

Keeping your engineering team working together towards a common goal is sometimes difficult. Occasionally, employees with bad attitudes become contagious, adversely affecting the entire staff. When considering the importance of productivity in manufacturing workplaces, this is a problem that needs to be squashed as soon as possible.

With a productive, safe, and collaborative organization in mind, here are a few ideas on how to combat poor attitudes at your workplace. Leverage these insights to improve your efficiency and bottom line.

When Your Employees Become Too Sarcastic

In small amounts, sarcasm can lighten the mood at many workplaces, which actually helps improve camaraderie and collaboration. A fine line exists, however, between simply joking around and the bad attitudes that lead to poor morale and disgruntled workers. Failure to quickly handle this situation may lead to employee conflicts, and some of your best engineering talent may look elsewhere for a happier workplace.

Strategies for Handling Workplace Sarcasm

Understanding the differences between passive and aggressive sarcasm plays a key role in fighting it, according to psychologist Stanley Loewen. “The question you have to ask yourself is – is this passive sarcasm designed to be humorous that has the unintentional impact of upsetting you? Or is it aggressive sarcasm that is designed intentionally to be belittling and hurtful? Once you ascertain this, you can then better decide how to progress,” said Loewen.

While handling passive sarcasm with a chuckle and an eye roll works in most situations, dealing with its more aggressive forms requires a more straightforward approach. Speak to the person directly in a one-to-one meeting where you express displeasure at their behavior. Essentially, tell them to cut it out.

Sometimes, especially if the sarcastic employee is calling out for attention, simply ignoring the offender works. This is likely the case if your organization already has a welcoming and productive workplace. An office filled with engineering talent known for their professionalism and work ethic tend to stifle any of the more virulent forms of sarcasm.

Ultimately, the most important points are to stay aware of bad attitudes in your workplace and make the effort to deal with the more aggressive offenders before they impact your manufacturing organization’s efficiency.

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