Your Baby Boomer Engineers Are Retiring. Are You Ready to Replace Them?

As the baby boomer generation continues to reach retirement age – more than a quarter-million new retirees every month – engineering organizations need to plan to replace this invaluable resource. Failure to do so might cause a skills gap to develop, putting companies at a competitive disadvantage in the modern economy. Your company needs to properly account for retiring engineers to ensure a loss in talent and productivity doesn’t hamper your success.

Here is a closer look at this important issue facing engineering firms all over the industry. A proactive staffing plan needs to be developed to ensure your company stays at the front of the pack and retains top engineers.

Ramp Up Your Engineering Recruiting Efforts

Developing a recruiting plan that leverages modern technology gives you the best chance at reaching the most engineering candidates. A mobile-friendly website and a robust social media presence help you achieve these goals. Jill Erickson, a Senior Vice President for TMP Worldwide, commented on companies that understand the importance of mobile tech when searching for quality candidates.

“They understand that by not including mobile in their campaigns they risk missing out on candidates, and will fail to capitalize on innovative paths to market and brand their companies with prospective employees. The mobile experience can mirror that of a person using a PC, and can also provide content optimized for phones, or company-specific mobile games that can draw in candidates.

“Mobile recruitment further enhances the communications between candidates and companies that social media has helped improve and personalize. Today, job seekers expect companies to respond to them through social media, and those that don’t risk breaking the trust factor,” said Erickson.

Partner with a Trusted Engineering Staffing Agency

In addition to optimizing your recruiting efforts around mobile technology and social media, a partnership with an experienced staffing agency specializing in the engineering field needs to part of any company’s hiring strategy. The best agencies maintain a supply of quality candidates well-versed in the latest engineering technology. This is especially important for smaller companies without the resources to dedicate towards executing a staffing plan.

Staying proactive when it comes to staffing helps your engineering organization maintain its talent level as more baby boomer employees leave to enjoy their retirement years.

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