How to Staff Up Before Tax Season

With the new year now upon us, the busiest time for many financial companies – tax season – is nearly here. Ensuring your company maintains a proper staffing level over the next few months needs to be the focus of your managerial team. The overall efficiency of your operations and a healthy bottom line depend on it.

Waiting a few weeks to put together a hiring plan won’t give you enough time for interviews, or even a chance at finding qualified financial professionals who are highly in demand. Here are some ideas on how to right-size your financial office team for tax season.

Develop a Staffing Plan Early

Having a staffing plan for tax season ready to go is a must. Get feedback from your current employees regarding what worked last year during crunch time and what didn’t. This includes the number of hours worked, as well as the number of new employees brought into the fold – don’t forget any time spent on training!

Set Expectations with Your Current Team

Your current employees understand this is the busy time of the year, and they’ll probably need to work extra. In addition to their normal duties, training new team members is another requirement. Be sure to spend time setting expectations for the upcoming months.

Consider Temporary Employees

Hiring temporary employees is a smart strategy to help your organization get through tax season. Once their contract period is over, you simply move on, giving your organization the staffing flexibility for a healthy bottom line.

Focus on finding talented and experienced financial professionals, as they are able to quickly contribute to the efforts of your office with minimal training and oversight. Any exceptional temp workers might be interested in permanent employment with your organization – an added bonus!

Work with a Trusted Financial Staffing Agency

This is the time of the year where a partnership with a staffing agency specializing in the financial industry is a lifesaver. The best financial and accounting employment firms maintain a list of excellent candidates interested in both temporary and permanent employment contracts. They are also already vetted, saving your company valuable interview time.

A top-notch financial staffing organization is also able to assist in putting together a staffing plan for your company that makes sense for the entire year.

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