Find a New Financial Career in the New Year

A brand-new year brings with it an opportunity for change and growth. Maybe you want to look for a new financial career, or even move into finance from another field. Whatever the reason for finding a new position, it is important to have a plan when first embarking on a job search.

Let’s look more closely at a few strategies for finding a new financial career. A rewarding profession awaits you right around the corner. Good luck in your search!

Make a List of Financial Companies to Target

As part of your job search plan, create a list of potential employers in the financial industry. You can either limit them to your local region or go beyond it if you are willing to relocate for a new job. Do some light research on each one in addition to checking if they have any openings that are publically announced.

When you decide to send a resume to one of these companies, perform a more detailed research about their history, company culture, and future business prospects. Additionally, try and connect with the firm’s HR team on social media or through email. Any knowledge you are able to wean at this point helps when you are called in for an interview.

Consider a Resume Distribution Service

Resume distribution services help get your CV in front of the eyes of hiring managers in the financial industry. These are paid services, so make sure to research what they provide as well as their reputation before making an investment. Choose one that specializes in finance, as they obviously enjoy more connections with companies that ultimately interest you. A paid service need only be considered if you are having difficulty finding opportunities on your own.

Don’t Forget Your Professional Network

The contacts in your professional network are another good source for job opportunities in the financial sector. Reach out to potential leads using LinkedIn and other social media networks. You may find out about an opening not announced to the public.

A knowledgeable recruiter serving the financial industry might be your best bet when looking for a new position. Partner with an experienced one for a great chance at a rewarding financial career.

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