Sick of Flaky IT Candidates? Find Better Talent Today!

Searching for and ultimately hiring the best technology talent can be a difficult process. Sometimes, flaky IT candidates only serve to waste your company’s valuable time and resources. What appears to be a good candidate on paper, upon closer examination turns out to be someone unworthy of a job offer with your organization.

Thankfully, finding a better supply of IT candidates only takes a smart strategy and some persistence. Check out these insights to better identify those tech candidates out to waste your time. Soon, the talent level at your office will be trending upwards!

Watch Out for Candidates who Reschedule

Conscientious IT candidates should realize your time is as valuable as theirs. If they call to reschedule an interview, consider not giving them a second chance, unless the situation forcing their cancellation truly is an emergency. A second attempt at rescheduling should put that person’s candidacy in your recycle bin.

Making You Wait for an Answer is Unprofessional

If a candidate makes you wait an unreasonable amount of time to answer a question or – worse yet, respond to a job offer – this reflects poorly on their professionalism. This simply slows down your entire hiring process, and another quality candidate may look elsewhere for a position. At this point, simply moving on is your best bet.

Forcing You to Communicate During Non-Business Hours

While it is understandable if an IT candidate is still employed, their time to communicate during business hours is limited. However, if they are unwilling to carve out any time for a chat unless it is in the evening, consider it to be a red flag. Inflexibility is the sign of a potentially poor employee.

Not Being Forthright About Their Professional Experience

Beware the candidate who is less than forthright about the contents of their resume.  It may be an exaggeration, or it may be outright lying. Whatever the nature of their infraction, it is an obvious sign of unprofessionalism. Move on to another worthy candidate on your list.

The smart call when in the market for a new tech employee is to partner with an experienced and trusted staffing agency, specializing in the IT industry.

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