Are Millennials Too Young to Receive a Promotion?

Finding great managerial talent is a major factor in the success of many organizations – the technology world included. While some companies look outside of their office when searching for a new manager, others prefer to promote from within. This raises a question, what if a younger employee exhibits the wide range of skills needed in a leader, are they old enough for a promotion?

Does age matter when it comes to leadership? Let’s take a closer look to see if members of the millennial generation have what it takes to be a technology manager.

Some Millennials Are Now in Their 30s

It is important to realize that the older members of the millennial generation are now reaching their mid-30s. This gives them both the educational background – possibly including an advanced degree – in addition to five to ten years of professional experience. When combined with innate leadership talent, it definitely makes someone of that age qualified for a managerial promotion.

Promotion Regardless of Age

Still, provided any employee possesses the experience and leadership acumen for a managerial role, age needn’t factor into a decision on a promotion. This is an opinion by many, including Kendall Wayland, vice president of operations at Uproar PR.

“While we have managers of all ages, typically they are from the middle-to-older part of Generation Y. We look at a lot of different elements when we are getting ready to promote someone. Are they doing all necessary tasks well according to their job description? Are they taking initiative? Are they seen as a leader within the agency? Age is not a factor that plays a key role. When you are ready, you are ready,” said Wayland.

Company Culture Promotes the Development of Leaders

A company culture focused on learning and growth helps develop leadership talent among younger employees. Emphasizing collaboration and teamwork – like in software development shops using the Agile methodology – helps to ensure younger managers get the necessary help if they become overwhelmed.

Ultimately, younger managers bring energy, as well as an openness to feedback and change, which is vital considering the rapid advances in the technology world. Giving a talented millennial a managerial promotion just may be the smartest move your organization can make.

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