Three Easy Ways to Increase Your Engineers’ Workplace Satisfaction

Keeping your engineering team happy and focused plays a big role in the overall efficiency of your company. While salary definitely factors into the worker satisfaction equation, some employees derive their happiness from other areas – including your organization’s benefits package. In a competitive business landscape, where tech companies fight over the top engineering talent, a high retention rate is important to your organizational success.

With an engaged and loyal engineering staff in mind, here are a few ideas on how to leverage your company’s benefits package to help retain your best talent.

Quality Health Insurance is Vital

In this era of the Affordable Care Act, health insurance premiums, and deductibles – even from employer-provided plans – continue to rise in price. Many employees working in technical disciplines want better health insurance plans, including lower premiums et al. They also desire other health-related perks, including wellness features like free gym memberships and mindfulness training, but only as an add-on to an already top-notch insurance plan.

Spending in this area gives your company a workforce that’s both healthier and happier, which is ultimately good for your bottom line.

Saving for the Future with a 401(k)

A 401(k) with a generous employer matching policy is another must-have benefit for many professional engineers. Choose a plan provider that offers a good range of mutual funds and bonds, as investment flexibility is key in the current economy. Including some form of profit-sharing or employee ownership option is also worthy of consideration.

With over two-thirds of all companies offering a 401(k) plan, being one of the companies who doesn’t isn’t wise if you want to retain your best talent.

Vacation and PTO Are Also Important

Providing your engineering staff with a robust amount of vacation time and PTO is another perk in demand among technology talent. Time away from the office lets them recharge their batteries; helping to focus their efforts when they arrive back at work.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a quality work/life balance to today’s engineers; it is definitely a benefit they want from their employer.

All in all, valuing your employees ensures their hard work and loyalty. A high-quality benefits package provides a great chance to show that appreciation.

If you need additional insights on growing – and retaining – a top-notch engineering staff, talk to the experts at Venteon. As one of Michigan’s top staffing agencies, we provide the great candidates able to contribute to your company’s success. Schedule some time with us as soon as possible!


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