Four Tips to Keep Workplace Motivation High During the Holiday Months

As the holiday season approaches, the thoughts of your engineering staff may start to turn towards shopping lists, feasts with their family and a few days away from the office. Their motivation for work begins to suffer and so does the productivity of your organization. Keeping them focused through the end of the year ensures a successful 12 months for your company.

With a productive workplace throughout the holidays in mind, here are a few tips on keeping your team motivated.

Give Your Team Additional Responsibilities

Use the final months of the year as an opportunity to give out new and/or different responsibilities to your team. Maybe there is a new piece of engineering technology worthy of analysis and due diligence? Even a promotion for one or two of your most promising engineers helps to focus their efforts throughout the holidays.

Encourage your staff to challenge themselves to learn new skills; allocating two hours at the end of each week for self-study helps accomplish this, with minimal loss to your office productivity. Hold a session each month where everyone gets to present what they learned to the rest of the team.

Focus on the Company’s Year-End Goals

Offering yearly bonuses based on reaching your company’s year-end goals serves as a great motivator during the holiday season. Make sure everyone stays aware of the current progress towards reaching those goals. These reminders help ensure nobody slacks off!

Encourage Your Team to Avoid Procrastination

Taking little steps each day to improve office productivity is key in keeping your staff engaged and inspired. Encourage them to set small daily goals and to meet them before heading home. Procrastination tends to lead to a lack of motivation during the holidays.

Embrace the Holiday Season

Don’t ignore the holidays at your office. Schedule a party or two to help your team blow off some steam, which also helps them stay motivated, inspired, and productive with their daily tasks. An off-hours event where families are also able to attend promotes camaraderie, which contributes to keeping your staff loyal.

Hopefully, these few ideas ensure a productive and happy office all year long, but especially during November and December.

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