Use These Signs to Figure Out When It’s Time for a New Financial Career

Sometimes during anyone’s professional life, it becomes time to consider a new financial career. The reasons for such a large change can be numerous – you might feel stuck in your current position or perhaps you simply dread going into work every day. Maybe you just don’t like your boss?

Whatever your current feelings, it is important to get at the root of the issue. You don’t want to end up making a permanent solution to what was a temporary problem. Here are a few ideas to help you figure out if it’s truly time for a new financial career.

A Question of Fulfillment or Financial Security

Before deciding to make a career change, you need to first decide what you most want out of your profession. If financial considerations are driving your current unhappiness, take a look at what other positions earn in the financial industry. Maybe a more lucrative job is in your future? You may need extra schooling to transfer into a different career path in finance, so factor that into your final decision.

When personal fulfillment and general happiness are more important for your well-being, moving into a less stressful situation might be your wisest decision. Taking a part-time position in the financial industry may offer a better work-life balance. You might even be able to pick up another part-time role at a nonprofit or charitable organization if it gives you happiness.

Finding the answers to these questions is a must before you decide on your next move.

Take an Analytical Approach

Create a worksheet where you rate your current career path on a 1-10 scale in regards to fulfillment, work-life balance, and financial security. Additionally, order those three criteria based on their importance to you. This measured and analytical approach makes extra sense as a financial professional.

It is important to look at the veritable big picture, with those criteria offering the best snapshot into your current situation. This well-considered analytical effort leads to a truly informed decision, instead of making a big change to solve a smaller issue which may only be the result of your current boss, job, or coworkers. Good luck on whatever you decide.

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