Use These Guidelines to Uncover Your Workplace Leaders

No matter the industry, excellent leadership is a requirement to get your organization operating at its productive and efficient peak. The best workplace leaders inspire their staff; translate the company’s mission statement into a set of goals, and provide the managerial acumen to achieve them. They typically boast a wide-ranging collection of abilities, combining business smarts, technical aptitude, and most importantly, people skills.

Finding top-notch management can be difficult, however. Here are some ideas, leveraging the Myers-Briggs personality types, on what to look for in workplace leaders, both within your company and when considering candidates from the outside.

Turning Personality Types into a Smarter Organization

The Myers-Briggs personality types are commonly accepted as a way to describe what makes every person tick. Businesses increasingly use the MBTI assessment test to get a reading on their employees’ personality and potential for leadership or perhaps other positions within their organization. The four categories in the assessment determine whether a person is thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving, sensing or intuitive, and extraverted or introverted.

Providing the MBTI assessment to all your employees is a smart call if you want your workers in roles aligned with their personality type. This includes everyone from managers to the company’s technical staff to your marketing team. Ultimately, it helps to build a smarter organization.

What Myers-Briggs Types Are Suitable for Leadership Roles?

The ENFJ personality type – which translates into Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging – is considered to be one of the most suitable for leaders. Those with this personality are typically able to inspire others, with their empathetic nature helping to understand the daily issues faced by their direct reports. Being able to sense the potential in everyone enables them to lead their team to new heights.

In a similar fashion, those with the ENFP personalities (Perceiving replacing Judging) also serve well in a leadership role. Their enthusiasm and strong verbal skills translate nicely into the executive suite, especially in marketing and sales. Employees reporting to this person regularly receive meaningful feedback and generally feel appreciated.

Other personality types are also suitable for leadership positions, especially the ENTJ type in the technology field (Steve Jobs being a famous ENTJ). Ultimately, the Myers-Briggs assessment serves as a valuable tool to ensure you place your talent in the positions for which they are the most suitable.

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