Make Sure Everyone Gets Along at Work with This Advice

Ensuring your office runs at its most efficient and productive requires a staff where everyone works together as a team. In this era of Agile and DevOps in the technology world, close collaboration and strong communication are paramount; the same concept applies in different business sectors as well. Personality conflicts and other issues causing dissension among the ranks only serve to divert attention away from the task at hand.

With a smooth running office in mind, here are a few ideas on how to make sure everyone gets along at work.

Open Communication Is Vital

In an office filled with different personality types and communication styles, it becomes difficult to keep everyone on the same page. Extroverted employees might dominate any interactions between their co-workers, while your shy team members lose confidence in their ability to contribute. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Encourage open communication between all staff members or everyone working together on a project. Leveraging Scrums from the Agile methodology helps to accomplish this – even if your firm operates in the financial, accounting, or engineering sector. This helps ensure everyone gets an equal voice and lessens the threat of dissension disrupting your office operations.

Curiosity Helps Foster Employee Interaction

Create a collaborative environment at your office that fosters curiosity among your staff, especially when it comes to their different personalities. When putting together project teams, try to include people with a variety of personality types to better integrate your staff, as they learn to truly understand what makes their coworkers tick. Developing this kind of empathy for their fellow employees only serves to build a company culture the envy of others in your industry.

Erin Wortham, the people engagement manager at people development firm Insights, commented on building this kind of office environment. “That doesn’t mean people [have] to change who they are. It’s about finding that space to bridge the gap and leverage [each other’s] strengths,” she said.

Managerial Style Matters, Too

Managers also need to tailor their style to account for the different personalities on their team. What works with an extroverted employee may trigger another reaction with your more reserved team members. Be upfront about this issue with your staff and observe how they respond when interacting with them.

Implementing these ideas will get your organization operating like a well-oiled machine.

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