How to Hire the Right Financial Candidate Every Time!

A long hiring process requires companies to make the right final decision, especially in the financial industry. Being forced to start over again because the previous financial candidate didn’t work out costs organizations time, money, and operational efficiency. What if there was a way to ensure the correct hiring decision gets made each and every time?

What follows are a few insights and ideas to make sure your organization hires the right financial candidate whenever it comes time to add a new employee. Good luck in your hiring efforts!

Develop a Recruitment Plan

Starting to look for a qualified financial candidate without first formulating a recruitment plan leads to making bad hires. This plan needs to include everything from a skills and abilities checklist to writing a job ad to making a list of interviewers. Work with an experienced financial staffing agency to help create or review your plan for the best results.

Leverage the Phone Screen to Filter Out Poor Candidates

Once you’ve compiled a list of potentially qualified candidates, conduct a phone screen with each one to filter out anyone who seems like a bad fit. Don’t treat the call like an interview; simply ask a few questions to get a feel for each person. Schedule a face-to-face meeting only when you feel comfortable about their chances to be your final choice.

Calling References and Conducting a Background Check Is a Must

After the interview is conducted and the pool of candidates is sufficiently narrowed down, be sure to contact the listed references for each person. Verify the information on their resume, as well as any positive impact they made for previous employers. Conducting a thorough background check at this time is essential, especially considering the potential for fraud and theft among financial employees.

This is arguably the most important step in your hiring process.

Don’t Forget the End Game

As the process comes to a close, the final decision needs to be made decisively. Be upfront about salary expectations – benefits as well – earlier in the process, so a difficult negotiation doesn’t lead to the perfect candidate saying “no.” Once your hiring decision is final, inform all the candidates about your choice in a timely manner.

When you need more insights on ensuring a successful hiring process, talk to the experts at Venteon. As one of the top financial staffing agencies in the Midwest, we also offer great candidates able to contribute to your organization’s success. Connect with us at your earliest convenience.


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