Become a More Productive IT Job Seeker with These Tips

Looking for a technology job, whether you are currently employed or not, takes a lot of effort. Searching for intriguing positions, writing cover letters, practicing your interview techniques, and fine tuning your resume all require a significant amount of time and focus. Your productivity level needs to be at its highest, especially if you still have a day job.

With a smooth job search in mind, here are a few ideas on staying productive throughout the entire process. Expect the IT position of your dreams to soon become yours. Good luck in your efforts!

Focus on Planning Your Job Search Efforts

It is reasonable to expect searching for a new technology job to take at least a few weeks, or possibly many months. Spending a half-hour every Sunday evening planning your job search activities for the coming week ensures your time is spent as efficiently as possible. Either create a bullet point list or a spreadsheet document detailing each company you plan on contacting and where you are in the process with them.

This helps make sure you don’t waste time playing catch-up if you forget to write a personalized cover letter or a thank-you note. Treat the job search in the same manner as any technology project. A structured effort fueled by your Sunday planning sessions works out the best in the end.

Leverage Templates for Cover Letters and Thank-You Notes

While it is important to personalize every cover letter and thank-you note sent when looking for a job, that doesn’t mean you can’t save some time by using a template. Create one in your word processing program or perhaps in your email client. Even if your email app doesn’t offer templates, save a draft that you can modify for the specific company in question.

Remember to pay close attention when proofreading the letter or note to ensure it references the right company!

Use the 10-Minute Productivity Hack to Supercharge Your Job Search

Sometimes it is difficult to find the energy to look for a new job, especially after spending a full day in the office. Professionals increasingly use a technique known as the 10-minute productivity hack to summon the effort to accomplish nearly anything. Simply commit to spending 10 minutes or an even smaller time period on a task to get past that initial bout of inertia.

Soon, you may discover enough energy to find and apply for five great technology positions in less than an hour!

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