How to Create a Culture Millennial Engineers Will Want to Join

According to the Pew Research Center, the millennials have surpassed all other generations in terms of sheer numbers entering the workforce. There are some 53.5 million millennials in American workplaces as of the first quarter of 2015. This means that in order to remain competitive, engineering firms must work extra hard to attract and retain this up-and-coming young generation of engineers by building strong corporate cultures they value.

Workforce experts today say that engineers coming from the millennial generation are vastly different than previous generations. So too, they require different approaches in recruitment than those that have been used in the past. Millennials have their own set of values that include work-life balance, rapid educational and career growth, the use of technology, and a whole gamut of other perks that they demand.

If your organization wants to create a culture that millennial engineers will want to be part of, then here are some things that you will want to start including now.

Generous Starting Salaries. 

Various workforce studies have shown that millennials demand to be paid more than others from the start. Unlike previous generations who expected to start at the bottom and work their way up, millennials have a stronger sense of entitlement, which means they are looking for above-average starting salaries and the possibility to quickly move up to management roles.

Casual Work Environments.

Millennial engineers also prefer to work in an environment that is more casual and less structured. They tend to be highly creative and excellent problem solvers, therefore they do not need to follow strict procedures to accomplish goals. Casual work environment has given them the freedom to be comfortable at work and focus on their projects at hand.

Opportunities to Grow.

Millennials also have a strong desire to climb the corporate chain quickly. They thrive very well in environments where education is an important part of the corporate culture . Your organization can tap into this need by offering on-site engineering training programs and certifications support.

Flexible Engineering Projects.

Since millennials can handle a great deal of multitasking, they prefer to work on a variety of projects at once. This can also help them to prove their skills so that they can advance in their careers sooner. Flexibility also allows Engineers to work in part-time, full-time, contract, or partially remote work arrangements which bode well with their desire for work-life balance.

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