The Engineering Interview Checklist — Make Sure Your Candidates Can Pass This!

When interviewing candidates for engineering roles, it’s important that you pay attention to specific ‘red flags’ that candidates may demonstrate during the interview process. These are warnings that a candidate may not be the right fit for the organization. In order to help you steer clear of the wrong candidates, we’ve created an engineering interview checklist. Keep this handy as you interview your next candidates for engineering positions. This can help you to pick out better candidates, and avoid hiring anyone who may end up being a nightmare to deal with.

Engineering Interview Checklist 

  1. The candidate had poor communication skills including lack of eye contact.
  2. The candidate arrived late and unprepared for the interview.
  3. When asked simple questions about the company the candidate provided vague answers.
  4. The candidate displayed no energy and a general lack of Interest.
  5. During a review of previous positions, the candidate said negative things about their current or former employer.
  6. The candidate has not dressed appropriately for the position.
  7. The candidate immediately started to ask questions about salary and/or benefits.
  8. Job history seemed inconsistent with what the candidate explained during the interview.
  9. The candidate took a cell phone call, texted, or continually looked at their cell phone during the interview.
  10. The candidate brought food and or chewed gum during the interview.
  11. When asked for additional references, the candidate could not think of any.
  12. The candidate did not provide much, if any, detail when asked behavioral questions.
  13. Some of the candidates’ priorities did not match the company’s.
  14. The candidate did not ask any questions about the job or company.
  15. Candidate failed to send a thank you note or check back in after the interview.
  16. The candidate was invited for a second interview but failed to respond.

Need help selecting a good engineering candidate for your company? Luckily, Venteon engineering staffing has a wide range of pre-vetted candidates who have passed the above checklist and are ready to work hard for your company. Please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience for staffing and interviewing support.


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