Don’t Believe These Myths About Temporary Finance Employees

It’s a sad fact that temporary employees are often looked at and viewed differently than permanent staff. It’s quite a shame, because they bring the same amount of value as full-time or part-time employees. Sometimes they bring even more to the table than permanent employees! The problem here is that there are plenty of myths that go around about temporary finance employees. We are going to debunk those myths here.

Myth 1: Best Skills Don’t Equate to Best Employee

Believe it or not, the candidate who has the best skills isn’t necessarily going to turn out to be the best employee, if hired. Close to the majority of newly hired employees fail because they lack the soft skills (communication, attitude, self-awareness) needed to succeed in a collaborative environment. When making a temporary finance hire, take a longer look at the candidate’s soft skills and attitude. It could go a long way towards making the right hire.

Myth 2: Temporary Finance Pros Make Bad Employees

The second myth we would like to debunk today is that temp finance people make bad employees if hired. This is completely untrue. There is so much prejudice out there against temporary workers, and it is completely unjustified. If you operate using this thought process, you are setting your company and your new hire up for failure. Many companies prefer to hire candidates who already have jobs. This doesn’t mean they will be the best hires either.

Myth 3: Finding a Perfect Employee is Possible

The third myth we are going to debunk today is that finding a perfect candidate is possible. This is completely untrue. There really is no “perfect” employee out there. Companies need to treat new hires, especially temporary finance employees, as works in progress. When companies treat employees as works in progress, they are more likely to train them properly and mold them into the employee they know they can be at the office.

Myth 4: Employees Only Refer Friends When Money is Present

The fourth and final myth we will debunk today is that employees will refer their friends only when money is present. This is false because most employees will refer their friends when they actually like working at the company. Employees will not want to refer a friend or family member if they don’t like working for the company. They wouldn’t want to subject that to anyone else.

We have debunked four myths today about temporary finance employees. Make sure your company doesn’t operate using any of these myths when hiring new employees, and work with the staffing experts at Venteon today to find your next great finance employee!


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