Does Job Hopping Ever Benefit an Accounting Career?

In the past, job hopping was viewed as immature and a sign of a bad hire. It also gave employers the impression that the employee did not know what they wanted to do in their career, or simply had trouble adjusting to work. However, nowadays job hopping can actually benefit your career in certain circumstances. The following tips will share how your accounting career can be improved through job hopping in some unique ways.

Acquire New Skills

One of the biggest benefits of job hopping is that, if done right, you will be able to acquire new skills. These new skills can then be parlayed into a promotion or a better job at another company down the road. Hopping from job to job also teaches you different procedures and techniques used by different companies that might benefit you in the future.

Earn a Higher Salary

The most obvious reason for being a job hopper is that you will earn a higher salary. Remaining in the same job for a prolonged period could limit the amount of pay raises a person sees during their career. It could also limit the number of jobs the person could apply for with one company. Job hopping can lead to better jobs, higher salaries and better opportunities for promotion.

Showcase Multiple Employers

Another benefit to being a job hopper is that you will be able to showcase multiple employers instead of just one on your resume. Some companies might want to see prolonged experience with one company, while most will want to see a couple of employers on the resume. Try temporary jobs to work with several employers and choose the references you want to provide.

Move Up the Ladder Quicker

As mentioned earlier, job hopping in the accounting field can lead to you moving up the ladder quicker. If you have worked in a small company for a handful of years, you likely don’t have many promotion opportunities. Larger companies have more positions, which means more opportunities for you to earn a promotion. You can climb the ladder quicker in your accounting career if you become a job hopper.

Experience Different Cultures

Corporate cultures vary from company to company, even at companies that operate within the same industry. The best way to experience different corporate cultures is to become an accounting job hopper. The more cultures you experience early in your career, the easier it will become to assimilate to a corporate culture later in your career.

The bottom line here is that in today’s cutthroat business world, it doesn’t hurt to be a job hopper … if you go about it the right way. You can learn a lot and earn a lot by job hopping in your accounting career with temporary staffing assignments with the area’s best companies. Contact Venteon today to find your next great accounting career!


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