3 Insider Tips for Acing Your Technical Job Interview

If you are anticipating a technical job interview soon, you might be getting a little bit nervous. Don’t panic! There are some ways that you can really wow the hiring manager during a technical interview even if you’re not sure what they’re going to throw your way. Venteon Technical Staffing shares with you some insider information on how to ace a technical job interview. Just follow these three steps.

1. Refresh your skills.

In the weeks and days preceding your interview, take the time to review some of your technical guide books that you have in your reference library. Spend some time working through your algorithms and codes to make sure they are fresh in your memory. Read through some books on new coding techniques and other technical tricks so that you have something fresh to talk about during your interview. If you are rusty in a certain area, take the time to start a small project that forces you to work through a series of solving problems.

2. Bring your finest work.

Another great way to boost your confidence before a technical interview is to bring along one or two of your finest projects as an example of your best work. This can give you a great talking point and it also demonstrates to the hiring manager that you have the right skills for the job. If you cannot bring them along at least have a link to a website where you can show off your portfolio.

3. Get ready for everything.

Very often during technical interviews, the hiring manager will put you through a series of exercises or tasks to see how well you perform under pressure. Practice at home solving a series of problems or things you could encounter in the real world such as a difficult client problem or a broken code. Make sure that your interviewer gives you plenty of time to work through any exercises and do not schedule your interviews back to back. This will ensure that you are at your prime during your interview and you can think on your toes.

If you are having the interview through a temporary staffing agency you have an advantage here. Ask the staffing manager what you can expect because they may be able to provide additional insight as to the process the company uses to screen candidates. You can also check with company review sites like to see what others have encountered.

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