Do Your Top Engineers Possess These Sought-After Traits?

It is a candidate-driven market presently for top engineers. The unemployment rates are at nationally historic lows and certain skill sets are hard to come by. Even so, hiring engineers takes careful evaluation of the candidates for your industry. You want the right professionals on board who can take your company to the next level.

How can you make sure that your engineering hires have what it takes? Focus on the most highly sought after skills in top engineers as part of your recruitment strategy.

Analytical Mindset

Engineers have the desire to figure things out and they use applied creativity in this process. When hiring engineers, look for those who are able to turn theoretical concepts into real business world solutions. Engineers who are highly creative and can think through complex processes are the most desired in the market today. Look for engineers who have been able to solve problems, made improvements, or created better processes that have benefited previous employers.

Mathematical and Mechanical Ability

A vast majority of engineers develop strong math and mechanical skills from an early age. This often involves understanding complex mechanical systems and how parts work together. Mathematical skills enable engineers to accurately measure and create factors that make mechanical operations successful. Mathematical skills should be more advanced than regular algebra and should also include the software that is used in modern-day engineering.

Project Management and Leadership

The best engineers are those who have above-average ability to manage the projects that they work on, even if there are multiple projects occurring at once. These engineers are also very good at leading others on their teams. While many engineers prefer to work alone, it is important to hire engineers who have strong interpersonal skills because they will spend a great deal of time working on teams and collaborating with their peers. When hiring for senior engineering positions, you need to definitely hire those who have proven leadership skills.

Soft Skills

While the above technical skills are vital for your engineers to possess, the workplace is shifting and soft skills are becoming important too. Soft skills are traits that help engineers fit in well with other employees, such as time management, work-life balance, writing and grammar skills, and more. These soft skills help engineers become part of the corporate culture quickly.

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