Create an Onboarding Policy That Promotes Loyalty Among Your Engineers

Most Engineers start a new job anticipating a lot of unforgettable moments like meeting new team members, discovering where they belong, and anticipating a long and successful career. These are the moments that will last forever. The problem is, most engineering onboarding programs focus on forgettable aspects of a career. For example, they focus too much on administrative tasks, technical issues, and setting up systems.

While these mundane tasks are important for long-term success, they certainly don’t dictate long-term success or loyalty with your engineering hires. That’s why it’s important to develop a human connection with your engineering staff that will last the test of time. Here’s how.

Understand what engineering hires want.

Most employees are looking for an opportunity to make an impact. They are also looking for a work environment that Embraces diversity and respect for all employees. Engineers are also seeking opportunities to excel in their field with regular recognition from their upper management.

Create a meaningful onboarding process.

Studies have shown that when employees are provided with a structured onboarding process they are more likely to be retained for the long term. One can only imagine how overwhelming it would be to be thrown into an engineering career without this type of orientation. Sadly, this happens very often. Instead, it is important to give Engineers time to adjust to their new role and the tasks that are set forth in front of them. They are more apt to stick around if they feel supported.

Give them rewarding projects.

One of the unique personality traits that most Engineers share is that they thrive in challenging environments where they can show off their skills. Engineers can be highly competitive and this comes from their analytical nature. Tap into this and give them something to keep them motivated by providing your engineers with challenging and rewarding projects that allow them to shine in front of their peers.

Show them the bigger picture of their future.

Engineers are generally very in tune with what’s happening in the industries in which they work. But they also need to see what their contribution can lead to. Make sure to include your engineers as part of your Consulting team so that they can participate in shaping the future of your organization. Make them part of the bigger picture. When they can see their future within this success framework they are more inclined to be excited to be part of it.


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