4 Tips to Help You Land a Better Financial Career

Are you ready to take your financial career to the next level of greatness? Maybe you have been in the finance world for a few years and you have the confidence to go after your dream job. Use these four tips to help you land a better financial career.

Leverage your social networks.

Studies have shown that 75 percent of recruiters check out the social media profiles of candidates before they make hiring decisions. Add to that the 94 percent of recruiters who turn to social media to look for talent. As a financial candidate, you can leverage your social networks to build an impressive presence for yourself. Use LinkedIn and financial friendly social networks like Tip’d Finance News and Twinancial to stay on top of finance news, then build a solid library of knowledge and content in your area of expertise. Create branded profiles and participate in the discussion with other finance pros, as often this is the way to find out about unadvertised jobs in the financial world.

Register with a finance staffing agency.

Leading companies turn to respected finance staffing agencies like Venteon when they want to find good people to bring on board. Make sure you are registered for work and ready to take on a new assignment when a good one comes along. Update your profile and connect with the recruitment team on a regular basis for your best chance to getting offered a temp-to-perm finance job in the area.

Get involved with financial associations.

Extend your circle of influence by becoming a member of a national financial association, such as the Association for Financial Professionals and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Registration often comes with direct access to finance jobs with the leading companies around the nation, a chance to interact with peers, and a place to share your social profiles.

Get published in financial magazines and blogs.

Make a name for yourself as a published author on financial subjects you are an expert in. The easiest way is to create your own blog, but you can also find other financial websites and blogs where content is accepted for free. This can help you to stand out from other candidates who are not as active in finance, plus it can be highly rewarding to see your name in print. At the very least you will attract a high-level finance company and a job offer this way.

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