Are Your Financial Candidates Disengaged? Get Them Back on Track!

With the busy tax season in full swing, it’s easy for financial candidates to get overwhelmed, burnt out, and just plain disengaged. We know from workplace studies that across all industries, workers are actively disengaged on a regular basis – around two-thirds of the workforce to be exact. But your company doesn’t have to let this happen!

Here are some ways to get your financial candidates back on track.

Focus on intrinsic rewards vs. extrinsic.

A very basic psychological principle dictates that when people are having their internal needs met, rather than just external factors, they are more apt to be engaged in their careers. Intrinsic needs include desires, recognition, satisfaction, and other emotional requirements that people look for to be happy. A job cannot provide all of these things, but when managers recognize that externals like bonuses and incentives aren’t effective all the time, they can begin to address the internal needs that employees have.

Give employees the knowledge to face industry changes.

The financial industry as a whole has gone through massive changes over the last few years, particularly in areas such as payroll and taxation. When financial candidates are armed with up-to-date knowledge and resources to do their jobs, this increases their engagement levels. Make your workplace a learning environment where financial employees can get training on the topics and products they need to do a good job.

Stay connected to what’s happening in financial candidates’ lives.

Finance and accounting professionals work tirelessly throughout the year to make sure that their companies function like the well-oiled machines they are. But these same folks often do so at their own peril, sacrificing time with their families, working long hours, and not leading the healthiest of lifestyles. Give your financial employees the support they need to have work-life balance. Hire temporary financial candidates to cover especially busy periods and give regular employees a chance to take some much-needed time off.

Provide a strong compensation package.

While this is not the only thing that drives performance, financial candidates uniquely understand the value of a generous compensation and benefits package. Employers can do a lot to boost morale by improving this every year, so as to offer more than the competition can dream of. Maintaining engagement and keeping good people on board requires other perks too, such as a nice office to work in, the latest financial technology, and favorable co-workers.

If your financial candidates need a boost, or you need help find top-quality finance workers, contact Venteon today!

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