5 Traits That Set Top Financial Candidates Apart — And How to Spot Them

Back in 2014, a PWC survey of 150 worldwide organizations revealed some interesting truths about what sets top candidates apart from others. It seems that the more confident candidates are about the quality and maturity of the organizations they work for, the better they perform. For example, half of the respondents believed that customer engagement systems were an indicator of success. Others thought that having access to highly accurate data, being encouraged to use innovation and technology at work, and those who worked more efficiently were operating at a higher level than their counterparts.

When selecting financial candidates, one can see why the above factors can be crucial to hiring the top people for your company. Not only must your recruitment efforts be spent on hiring quality candidates who have positive backgrounds in the industry, but they must also hold themselves to high standards.

They are high achievers.

As you start reviewing the resumes of potential financial candidates, pay attention to their career achievements. Look for indicators that they are driven by success and metrics. Percentages of collections, percentages of error-free work, awards and recognition are all positive factors that indicate a candidate is above board.

They have the right attitude.

It can be easy to focus just on the skills and education of a candidate, but it is also critical to take a look at their personality and the attitude that they bring to the job. Hiring a financial candidate with a great attitude can make a big difference on your team. You’ll want to evaluate their personality and attitude during the interview process. Do they smile? Are they engaging in the conversation? These can be clues to a candidate’s attitude.

They care about their work.

When you are evaluating a candidate, also pay close attention to how much they care about the work that they do. There are some financial candidates who just do the bare minimum but then there are others who truly put their heart into the work that they perform. This is the type of candidate that you want to hire.

They are continual learners.

Financial candidates need to be ahead of industry trends and updates in laws. Therefore, when hiring them look for those who are lifelong learners. These are candidates who have advanced certifications in financial applications and methods. They are active on temporary assignments where they can continue learning.

They are team players.

Last, but certainly not least, a strong financial candidate demonstrates the ability to get along well with others and work on projects as a team player. It can be difficult to be a team player in financials because so much of the work performed is autonomous. However, seek out candidates who have shown that they enjoy working as part of a team, towards the common good.

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