Are Millennials the Best Technical Job Candidates?

Every year, thousands of millennials and Generation Z candidates flood the job market. They are looking for great opportunities, and employers are willing to give them these opportunities because these demographics are regarded as being highly talented and hardworking. This is particularly true for technical careers because millennials have been raised around technology, and they excel at using all forms of tech, social media, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

But, are millennials the best technical job candidates, or are there some pros and cons to hiring them? What about candidates from other generations – can they be just as valuable if not more so?

Pros of Hiring Millennials for Technical Work

As stated earlier, millennials bring a wealth of technical knowledge and use to the workplace. They’ve grown up with all types of technology and are comfortable integrating it into every facet of their personal and professional lives. Millennials are also known for:
• being strongly driven by peer recognition and career achievements;
• having above-average research skills and a desire for accuracy and fairness;
• enjoying working with other people who value their contributions;
• being eager to take on new projects and challenges at work with support; and
• learning most processes and procedures at above-average rates.

Cons of Hiring Millennials for Technical Work

Hiring millennials for technical work is not without its shortcomings at times, too. This group of employees tends to take on a variety of projects, but may not indicate that they are overwhelmed until they are knee deep in the middle of things. Millennials want to be recognized for their contribution, and while some may be ready for leadership roles, many are not.
Millennials may be:
• impatient about projects taking too long or waiting on other team members;
• unwilling to start in entry-level jobs or want to be promoted ahead of peers; or
• incapable of managing time well because they take on too much at once.

Other Considerations and Options

Hiring the right people for your team comes down to two things: skills and personality. Without these two elements, it won’t matter what generation you hire from. There are many capable technical candidates across all generations in the workforce to choose from. Go with a temp-to-perm placement model to obtain the best technical employees, so you can evaluate the suitability of employees before offering them a permanent spot on your team.

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