Need a Boost to Your Business? Hire New Engineering Grads!

As many of our aging engineering professionals retire this year, shortages are expected across multiple industries. This means companies need to step up their efforts to hire this year’s crop of new engineering grads from top universities. If your business is looking for a boost from hiring engineers with fresh skills and new ideas, this is the time to take action.

How can your company go about attracting and recruiting the best-of-the-best new engineering grads this year? Here are some tips.

Schedule an open house

One way to get new college grads in the door to learn more about your company and career opportunities is to have an open house. Send invitations out to local engineering school and invite junior- and senior-level students to come check it out. Make this a joint effort with your marketing team to provide information on all the benefits and perks of working for your company.

Start an internship program

Internships can be a great way to bring college grads into your company before they graduate and secure them after they graduate. Many times, college students need just a few extra credits to finish their degrees and/or secure enough engineering hours to get certification. Make this a possibility by offering this opportunity in your workplace.

Offer learning and development benefits

Today’s engineering grad are seeking ways to continue to grow their career once they have secured employment. From onsite training to offsite certification programs, your company can provide a great place for new grads to start and build a career.

Set up a career network

College grads are looking for opportunities to quickly ramp up their skills in a career. Some of this may involve working with other companies in your industry. Or it may involve traveling to other countries to work on special projects. Make sure that your company fosters this ongoing relationship with college grads by offering an engineering career network and referral system.

Reward for internal referrals

Each year, as engineering college grads enter the job market, they are likely to have peers who have a couple more years in school. This is why one of the most effective ways for attracting and recruiting engineering candidates during the first year of their career is by offering an internal referral bonus system. Existing employees can and should be rewarded for referring their colleagues to your company.

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