Scared to Share Your “Desired Salary?” Use These Tips to Get Paid What You Deserve!

During the job search and subsequent interviews with companies, it’s inevitable that the subject of salary will come up in the conversation. While this is one of the high points of choosing a job, it’s also one of the more awkward things to talk about. Sometimes, job seekers are so afraid to bring it up that they just accept the starting salary offered without giving it a second thought. This is not a good thing, as every candidate should have the confidence and knowledge to negotiate the best possible salary at this stage.

If you are scared to talk about your desired salary, here are some tips to get paid what you are worth.

1. Before you apply for the job, check out the salary info

Be sure to read the job description carefully before you apply for work. The salary information may be listed near the bottom of the advertisement or in the job description online. If you cannot find it, do some digging around on company review sites like Glassdoor to find out what the going salary rate is for comparable jobs. Avoid companies that have lower-than-average starting salaries, because earning what you deserve is not going to happen.

2. Check salary surveys for your job type, the industry, and the region

There are some amazing salary survey companies that offer financial information for nearly every job type and region imaginable. Use this as a way of understanding what you are worth in the job market and what you can safely ask for. If you are comfortable, you can ask for a range of the middle earnings to the higher end earnings for the job you are applying for. Just be ready to talk about the strengths you have, and what the company can expect in terms of return on investing in you.

3. Focus on your accomplishments and achievements when taking money

Once you have completed the above two steps, you are ready to now start creating a rundown of your top qualities and achievements. These will be your talking points when you negotiate your starting salary and benefits package. If you have a good idea of your value to the employer, you have leverage to ask for more. Just stand firm and focus on a range you will be comfortable earning with the new responsibilities of the job.

Use the above tips to successfully ask for a salary and benefits that are worthy of your value.  If you need more help finding a job, or preparing for a new job search, contact the staffing experts at Venteon today!


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