3 Interview Questions You Should NEVER Ask Financial Pros

Skilled financial professionals are becoming a highly valuable commodity in the market. So, when interviewing one for a position in your company, the ball is generally in their court. You will want to make the most of this time, asking great financially related interview questions that get down to the core value they bring. But you don’t want to ask financial pros the following questions, ever.

Where do you picture yourself in five years?

The market is still pretty volatile and asking a financial candidate this question is unreasonable at best. Many financial candidates have a good idea where they want to be in a few years, but putting them on the spot to answer this now is unfair. You can, however, share the career paths that are available in your company and then encourage candidates to talk on those points, so you can determine if the job fits with their goals.

Why did you leave your last job?

This interview question can seem innocent enough and recruiters are tempted to learn why a candidate had left a former employer, but it just puts financial candidates on the defense. Instead, take a look at the candidate’s overall work history and see if they have made progression in the types of tasks and responsibilities. Then use this as a talking point to stir the candidate’s interest in learning more about career development at your firm.

What kind of salary and benefits are you seeking?

Talking about money is a touchy subject, therefore in an initial interview with a financial candidate, leave this question out. You can create a solid compensation package by finding out what the candidate earned in previous companies and researching current fair rates using a salary survey tool. Then, during the second interview, you can approach the question with greater clarity. The candidate will probably have a good idea of what he or she would like to earn, and you can present a nice benefit package in a less stressful and more organized fashion.

Use the above tips as you interview financial candidates, for a more positive outcome and hiring process. Remember, if you need support recruiting quality financial employees, the folks at Venteon are happy to help. Click here to contact us today!


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