Need a New Financial Career in 2016? Use This Checklist to Land Your Dream Job!

If you are seeking a new financial career in the new year, you are in luck. Skilled finance and accounting professionals are in high demand with a growing number of firms in the region, and job growth is expected to be above average in 2016. However, there’s bound to be some stiff competition for the best paying jobs with top brand financial firms. How can you stand out and succeed in your career pursuit?

Here is a financial career checklist that can help you land your dream job in finance this year.

1. Start with building your financial software skills

Companies are seeking candidates who have a strong background in data analytics, and a keen eye for spotting financial trends and errors. Financial software is a huge part of this, therefore candidates who present with above-average experience and skill using the most well-known products and systems will prevail in the job market. Make sure your focus is on learning as much as you can about financial products.

2. Your financial career background should demonstrate steady advancement

If you hope to land a dream job in finance, make it a point to take on new projects and responsibilities that will enable you to show progression in your career. Highlight your achievements on your resume, get recommendations from supervisors, and work hard to gain recognition and awards for your work.

3. Get social in the financial community now

In the financial world, it’s who you know that can connect you with great career opportunities that really matters. Take the time to develop a strong social networking presence with professional profiles on the top financial associations and networks. Join groups of other like-minded financial leaders, and share your ideas and expertise widely.

4. Register with a financial staffing agency as soon as possible

Right after the holiday break, take the time to get registered with Venteon Financial for access to mid-level and advanced financial jobs. Be open to temporary assignments as well as temp to perm, for they can be pathways to long term success and a dream job at a firm you want to work for.


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