Career Advice All Engineers Need to Know

Engineering is still one of the most popular career choices in the world, and like any new career, getting to know the ropes once you enter the workplace can be tough. Engineers who have successfully made that step are always more than happy to offer advice to newbies coming into the industry for the first time. We have complied a few of those in hopes that it will help engineers setting out on their new career.

Understand the Economics of the Engineering Role

Engineers often get so caught up in developing new products that they become detached from the costs involved in doing so. Understanding the economics of the business that you work for can help you better work within budget constraints and time frames. Cost and tie overruns can occur when problems outside of your specialized field arise. You don’t need to be an expert in the other specialties, but having a basic understanding of each will help you quickly take care of those issues when they arise.

Be Part of the Team

When you are unable to take care of those problems that lie outside of your field of expertise, the need to be a team player becomes quickly apparent. When a project requires experts from a number of different fields, everyone involved needs to be able to work together in order to deliver the best product in the timeliest fashion. Collaboration is the key to success, and knowing your place within the team can help move the process along more quickly. Play to your strengths when working in a team environment, and let the others shine in the areas where you may be somewhat lacking.

Embrace the Corporate Mission 

Knowing the people you work with is great, and will certainly help make your engineering career a success, but knowing the company that you work for is perhaps the most important thing of all. If you find that you are with a company whose core values are counter to your own, you are never going to be satisfied for as long as you work there. It is often better to cut your losses and move on than to stay in a place where you feel your talents are going to waste. Your integrity should always come first when you are trying to build your career, and if you are in a place where you feel that isn’t possible, move on.

Learn from Your Superiors

The manager at your company has reached that position by doing all the right things in their career, so be sure to respect their way of working. Your goal should always be to paint them in the best light possible, as that will mean that the success the company achieves will filter its way back down to everyone on the team. You should always feel comfortable presenting new ideas and ways of working to your team leader, but understand that not all of them will be readily embraced. Don’t let these perceived setbacks get you down, and do not allow them to stunt your creative growth.

Engineering is an exciting career, so be sure to try and have a little fun along the way. Use the above tips to make your career better, and partner with Venteon to find a great new career!


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