The Secret to Hiring Top-Notch Engineers

To be a leading firm in engineering it’s important to hire the very best engineering talent out there. But what’s the secret? There are a vast number of different engineers out there at varying levels of expertise and knowledge. It’s really an engineering job seekers’ market right now, which is all the more reason why your company should have a solid plan of action to recruit the best.

How can your company hire the best engineers to meet their goals? Let’s look at some recruitment secrets.

Speed up the hiring process

First and foremost, high-performance talent is seeking an efficient hiring process. If you can speed up the hiring process from the moment candidates apply for openings to the interviews and job offer, you will greatly increase your chances of hiring top-notch engineers. Put yourself in the shoes of the average engineering candidate. How long does it take for someone to fill out your application? Is there an immediate follow-up system? How many interviews and hoops do engineers have to jump through? A good hiring process should be streamlined so that you do not miss out grabbing the best candidates before a competing firm does.

Be flexible to what engineering candidates want

We’re dealing with a whole new generation of engineering talent today.  Millennials have flooded the job market, and this is a unique generation that is not seeking long-term career opportunities, but rather the overall experience. They are seeking above average salaries and benefits. They are looking for training opportunities to enhance their skills. They are looking for organizations that are flexible enough to meet their demands and not the other way around. Be sure that you are offering a career experience that is adaptable to what today’s engineering candidates want.

Work those employee connections

People search for work in different ways today. Recruitment has taken on a new social angle. If you want to lead the way as an engineering firm, you must embrace a more-social recruitment methodology.  Work all of the employee connections you can. Network on social recruitment sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Enhance your employee referral program so that your current employees will bring their talented friends to come work for you. Connect with local colleges and universities to identify up-and-coming engineering talent.

Hire using a temporary staffing model

One of the most productive ways to hire engineers is to work through a technical staffing company like Venteon.  With a neverending pipeline of engineering talent, any organization can easily bring in temporary employees to cover special projects and seasonal peaks. It then becomes easier to offer the most promising engineering talent more permanent placement. The temporary staffing model provides a “try before you buy” approach to hiring engineers. It’s also much more time and cost efficient.


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