What’s Killing Your IT Interviews? (Hint: It Might be You!)

Have you had a few IT interviews for jobs you were very qualified for, and for some reason things just didn’t go all that well … or worse yet, you never heard back? You could chalk this up as a recruiter who just didn’t see your worth and missed out a good thing. Or you could take some responsibility for the outcome of your interview, go back and analyze things, and come up with a plan of action that will help you do much better next time.

Here are some things you could be doing that are killing your IT interviews:

Being too casual about things

While many companies are trying to create casual work environments for IT professionals in order to attract a younger crowd, don’t be fooled into thinking that you should show up to interviews wearing jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops. Take the time to clean up, dress in business casual attire, be well groomed and ready to impress.

Stop hiding behind your portfolio

Having a strong resume and online portfolio are nice things, but they are only part of the entire picture when meeting with prospective employers. Be ready and willing to talk about your skills, recent projects you’ve worked on, and your short- and long-term career goals. Bring energy with you and show off your personality in the interview. Most of all, smile.

Watch out for interview snafus

You don’t want to risk the chance of looking bad by showing up to the interview late or unprepared. Treat every interview with seriousness, even if you believe you are overqualified for the job. You want to make the best first impression, so arrive a little bit early and act interested. If you are nervous, shake it off — before you leave someone’s hand wet from sweaty palms.

Be straightforward with information

Don’t make the interviewer do all the talking, especially trying to drag answers out of you. Be personable and have a few questions of your own to ask. Try to convey genuine interest in the job, the industry and the company. Do some investigation before the interview to find out what the company has been working on and be sure to leave a nice compliment.

Have realistic salary expectations

We cannot all work for Google and earn six figures right out of the starting gate. If you are expecting a huge salary, think again. Check out reviews of the company and typical starting salaries and benefits. Indicate you are more interested in the company opportunities and being part of the team than just a paycheck.

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